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Official results all agree Donald Trump won the election for president of the United States of America.  I am still waiting for some upset to say there was a transcription error or a miscount somewhere.  Did we really choose a nativist moron over a lying manslaughterer, and never gave even 15% support for anyone more qualified in the final vote?


Can this be real?  If it is, I can only hope this is an opportunity for populism to do better while it has a chance to damage the corrupt machine Hillary Clinton rode to her apparent defeat.  Trump promises to be a screw-up, but if the people on the whole are invigorated by their supposed victory over collusion of Clinton’s ilk, maybe a Republican Congress can start listening to its electorate instead of billionaires profiting off manufacture of military hardware and “defense” contracts.  It’s a chance.  Let us just hope that spirit of civic responsibility kicks in before Trump gets us into some nuclear war over a stupid statement to foreign states.  Then we’ll all glow, as much as the new (apparent) chief executive.


What happens now?  Wait-out.

Act Two Opens

The squatters are getting more defensive.  Concrete Shoals, Act Two, Scene One!  I suppose Act Two, Scene Two would be someone using legal challenge from world opinion with more than just a fishing boat.  Who wants to bet those two aircraft landing there, even if they were really civilian, weren’t cementing the military presence on that island?

Concrete Shoals, Act One, Scene Four

We are now in the fourth phase of the play, before another Pacific Ocean war (and that is a coincidental phrasing, there).  Acts one through three were the Spratlys being violated by the traditional adversary of Vietnam, this violation being protested by the continental state and an archipelago with more obvious claim than both others, and another belligerent power perhaps actually acting in the best interests of local governments by watching closely, the United States of America.  The last scene was more thrilling than angry dialogue and pretty pictures of coral reefs being destroyed by poured concrete for air and naval bases.  Now it’s scene four.

China is determined by the world, simple regional history, and basic understanding of a map to be in the wrong about how it encroaches upon its neighbors… again.  The alleged People’s Republic is sure to ignore international determination and insist on staying where it is.  We are now approaching act two of the drama.  I wonder what’ll happen in the third act.  Watch for the sequel—the Sino-Oceanic War.  It’ll be a be a huge hit.


* For the record, if anyone has used this fictitious title already, I apologize for the pun’s use of this property.  If it has not been used in this way before, and someone uses it for creative purposes, I want royalties.  That way I’ll have a few more dollars before we are all irradiated.

Misrepresented As Always

Predictably, this rehashing of the Tunguska event is good for details (small particle matter at the epicenter) and ignores utterly two critical observations.  One, admittedly more likely to be anecdotal than anything, makes a direct comparison between the scene found at the epicenter in Tunguska and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in 1945.  Natural bolides or comets likely don’t produce such an effect.  The pattern of destruction in Russia as seen in 1927 does not fit with any other known asteroid or comet impact in the geological record from any source I have ever seen.  It does seem to mirror the 1945 atomic blasts in Japan, however.  Gee, what could that mean?

As a side note, the United States Air Force once tried out using nuclear propulsion for disc- and doughnut- shaped aircraft but abandoned the project in part because the engine became unstable.  At least a handful of times the radioactive fuel material had to be ejected to avoid catastrophic consequences.  The fact this implies conditions very much like several unidentified flying object sightings before, during, and since this U. S. A. F. endeavor is purely coincidental, I am sure…

The second critical observation of Tunguska from the time that is always ignored by the sanctioned version of events involves how every eyewitness report said the object itself causing the explosion in 1908 changed course twice before detonating—and yes, that specific word applies.  Incoming asteroids can alter course once for the same reason a stone can change course skipping over the surface of a lake, but human science itself says this cannot happen twice without the object being directed.  This means it deliberately chose to be in perhaps the least explored or charted area of the Northern Hemisphere of that time when the explosion happened.  The only version claiming anything less, and a less precise account more palatable to our arrogant human leaders and scientists, is from the official retelling (like this one).  Why ignore a salient and crucial factor of such an event?  Simple; those arrogant leaders of 1908 are the same in spirit as any from anytime of history.  They are incapable of accepting possibilities outside those pretending humans are masters of the universe, or aware of everything in it.  Why give credence to the only probable explanation when it is not natural, not human, and probably a little scary?

Whether or not the Tunguska blast was an atomic explosion as we know it, back decades before we ever made one by human hands, is not really the point.  The point is every official version of the story hides the truth by whitewashing how the cause of the explosion changed course and could only be a vehicle of some sort—and as it was a century ago when there was no way we had suborbital capacity, let alone that kind of flight, it wasn’t human.  Welcome to reality.  For those of you who don’t want to be here, kindly stick your collective heads in the sand without further comment, please.

The Influential Do Not Get Prosecuted

Hillary Clinton is not going to be charged for criminal neglect or incompetence for the Benghazi fiasco, even though she failed as the Secretary of State while in office and lied about her conduct.  She is also not going to be charged with a crime regarding her “careless” use of emails while in a sensitive position of power, and while she transmitted sensitive information over insecure means of communication, and further, lied about her conduct again.

Pardon my speech, please, but WHY THE FUCK is she not at least being charged with perjury or obstruction of justice!?  This wench lied about her conduct as an acting head of an executive office and people died because of her poor leadership.  She lied and obstructed an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation when her conduct compromised the United States and our diplomatic capacity.  Does none of this warrant punishment when normal people go to prison for having less than a pound of non-lethal plants the Drug Enforcement Administration doesn’t like?  What possible justification is there for not putting her in a cell for her fraudulent and unbecoming conduct?

She should at least be stricken from the presidential ticket with this kind of bullshit.  What kind of country can we expect to live in when the only two options we are allowed to have for President are a neo-Nativist moron and a lying wench who have no interest in the people’s wishes or maintaining any sort of integrity?  Sign them both up for the Mission to Mars, so at least they’ll be gone.  Maybe they could actually do something good in the process–like stop breathing our air and tainting it for the rest of us.  Whoever accepts this situation without very loud consternation deserves whatever fate is coming to this country.  For God’s sake, people, vote for anyone but these two.  We may not have another chance to fix this if you fail to realize what is happening right now.

Culprit Unknown

“Global warming,” or more accurately known as global climate change, is a real event in our age.  Presuming it is entirely a fiction of the media for some nefarious economic goal is irrational because too much of the world is involved in presenting information about it, and for Europe’s part, there are more overt and effective ways to compel other nations to abide their conglomerate rule or else.  Those measures are covered under badly-written free trade agreements and measures like the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP), and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).  For anyone who dismisses phrases (the very phrases Presidents of the United States use in landmark speeches, for the record) like “new world order,” try justifying ACTA, TTP, and TTIP.

That said, the globe’s climate is shifting to something notably different, but that doesn’t mean it is consistent across the planet, or that we know the net result in less than 200 years of recorded climactic shifts.  Such things are not fully apparent in short periods and it is downright unscientific to presume a cause of something, for which we don’t even completely understand the process and that has not been going on long enough to know the extent or severity of the thing yet.  Whatever is happening on this world now, in terms of climate, we don’t know how long it will last, how bad it will get, or what the cause is–if it is only one major cause.

The climactic shift is also not unique.  Ice ages are recurrent things and have precipitated identical changes in global conditions as are blamed on humans’ greenhouse gas emissions.  And, as per this article,, we don’t even understand past climactic shifts well enough to make major judgments or comparisons with that of our own time.  How can anyone claim to be scientific and presume the course, severity, or cause of global events we simply do not understand?  It would be easier if “scientists” just stop making untenable statements, acknowledge they may not know everything, and accept facts as they come.  Conclusions can come later.

Possibility of Proof


One simple statement: this could qualify as proof of a divine Creator. Disorder does not create order, after all, with causality, and we have no idea what would result from a cataclysmic event free of causality—but I severely doubt order like this would be the result. If the non-entity alternate supposition precludes inherent cosmic order with such prevalence across all possible manifestations of our reality, especially with subjective matters like Human language, what would be an explanation for the “Zipf mystery” if not a consequence of Something we call God?

The natural retort is this can’t be definitive proof because there is no control variable demonstrated to prove it. I make no argument to that point. However, if it is faith given some potential credence, I see no problem with lack of irrefutable and conclusive data. If we require tangible arguments to justify our belief, it isn’t really faith.  David Hume would hate that.

“Pearls Before Swine,” Valentine’s Day 2016

Need I say more?

God Help Us (in the Ballot Box)

A neo-Nativist got the most Republican votes in New Hampshire.  A self-proclaimed revolutionary got the most Democratic votes, and neither has declared their plan for how they intend to make good on all their promises.  Even given this, no third party has been given the barest of mentions in any outlet of the media.  This bodes well.

I’ll be honest.  I would vote for Bernie Sanders, but I would prefer he give us any idea how he plans to fund his plans first.  The U. S. federal budget doesn’t support “free everything for the public” things unless you alienate many people who are a major part of its deliberative faculty (namely, Congress and its financiers), if it can be done effectively, and that means alienating a large group of people who are required to sign off on such changes to how the federal government spends its- that is, OUR– money.  I don’t see that happening even if there is a President Sanders in the White House because Congress and the courts are bought.  They’ll never go for that kind of shift unless it aggrandizes the executive branch, like the last big socialist president along these lines: F. D. R.  His cumulative affect on American government wasn’t exactly good or nearly as much a turnaround from bad economics as people are led to think.

As for Trump, the less said the better.  He’s a Wall Street bastard in spirit if not in fact, and he’s a bigoted, sexist moron.  If he’s president we’ll end up at war with Canada–and Canada would be right to win.

Hillary Clinton?  Please.  Being a woman doesn’t make anyone more or less qualified to be president, but specifically, she is a reprehensible choice for it.  She has no experience remarkable enough to warrant her even running for president that isn’t a horrible sign as an executive officer of the federal government.  She is an accomplished two-face in a gallery of notable liars.  She serves a single term as a Senator, then couldn’t even manage the Department of State without letting Americans die because she failed to protect them.  Who knows that and wants her to be the chief executive of the entire government?  Find them and tell them to turn their brain switch to the “on” position.

Maybe Sanders is the only way to get Congress to work for us for a change, by virtue of his extreme shift in policy would demand some kind of happy medium if Senators and Representatives actually do anything to cooperate with the popular will.  As I don’t expect that to happen, I wish him the best of luck.  Honestly, I expect him to be shot dead like J. F. K. before he actually changes the system to serve the people instead of money.  Also, I hope Trump slips on his bad hair and bites off his own tongue walking to give his next speech so he stops talking and we don’t continue to lose brain cells.

Are these really the best, viable options we have as an electorate of hundreds of millions?


Vladimir Putin (effective head of the Russian state for more years than he’s actually been president, mind you) is a fan of Donald Trump, and vice versa.  Putin is a lying, homicidal kleptomaniac with no compunction about killing civilians to achieve his domestic goals.  And he’s a fan of Trump.  How does that taste for Republicans favoring a blowhard with a bad haircut?

Time to reassess for them, I would say.