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The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

October 15, 2013

Here’s a simple one, to actually get a response from anyone on the Internet.  Reply only if you are intelligent and rational, please.

I saw a newspaper editorial ask what was so wrong about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  I do not dispute the advantages of expanding available health care to the uninsured, or the corollaries included to make it more reasonable.  But beside the fact this is a great imposition on small business owners across the nation, the essential sin of this legislation is one simple fact: the individual mandate robs citizens of a REPUBLIC the choice of whether or not they buy a product sold by their GOVERNMENT.  I’d call that a bit undemocratic.  If there is a sensible rebuttal to this point, please enlighten me.

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One Comment
  1. I agree that the mandate is the most important reason why I disagree with The Affordable Care act. The 2nd reason I don’t support it, is our country is not in a position financially to be able to afford it. It’s not “free” like its being pitched. Certain citizens are paying for it. As much as I would like everyone to have the lower class have the same healthcare as the middle class, I don’t believe this country is financially responsible enough to be able to give it away. When a country is $17 trillion in debt and climbing, the last thing we need to do is add to it. Until this country is able to reverse the deficit, people need to pay for their own healthcare, instead of theirs plus someone else’s. That’s the only way to have as much of a level playing field as possible. Otherwise, there are charities that do a great job helping those in need get support in healthcare. Charities also do a better job preventing people from abusing welfare.

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