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This is Sufficient

April 25, 2014

I have posted before about how the preponderance of science tries to make us all think it knows all; and magically, when something wasn’t real or valid before, it suddenly becomes real and valid once explained… even though it was said not to exist at all, sometimes, before its explanation…?  (For example: cryptzoology.  No one official gives Nessie a chance but the silverback gorilla was once regarded exactly the same way by Western biologists.)

The plate tectonic theory (regarding the size, activity, and movements of tectonic plates) falls into this category.  It is not as complete and perfect as geology claims, therefore, it can’t be relied upon as peripheral evidence for related things like, say, the alleged four billion years Earth is supposed to be aged by now.  Just saying.

Explain this, geology.  <;


** Another link gone.   WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE INTERNET???  Does it never preserve information more than two days?  This cannot be superior to newspapers. **

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