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Official Hypocrisy Abounds

April 30, 2014


These people calling someone’s execution of a criminal inhumane?  That’s rich, coming from this White House.  What karking right does this administration have to criticize anyone else’s methods when it maintains torture of prisoners well outside international law and drone strikes entire communities when they happen to be in the vicinity of our alleged enemies?

I call bullshit.  The lethal injection is inhumane in the first place.  It would be less painful and expensive to use a firing squad or a noose, and bullets are much more likely to work as intended.


** Update as of May 7, 2014: the article I cite above is no longer available on the NBC website.  Funny how that happens with certain news bits.  Perhaps too many people pointed out the obvious, as I did.

The only real hit from a Google search is this one, <;, which conveniently ignores previous official censure from the White House administration in favor of a legal criticism.  The significance is when it is diverted from an official response in the judgmental type it was, to a commentary on something with no particular people cited apart from an unofficial reference to the Chief Executive, it means the media are redirecting the perceived source of any such commentary.  While they are at it, they also overlook the hypocrisy I pointed out. **

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