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Mixed Message

May 9, 2014

I am not sure why this happened at all, or why people seem to be upset by this, but Barack Obama evidently visited Wal-Mart to promote changes in American energy usage policies less than a week ago.  I am not surprised he chose one of the wealthiest private families in the world to publicly dote upon- I mean, one of the most widespread commercial companies in the world to rub elbows with in the interest of a less polluting society, of course.  The fact Obama “attended a fundraiser hosted by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who sits on Wal-Mart’s board of directors,” was pure coincidence, I am sure…  The link is here: <;

My point was not to bring light to Obama’s or Democratic Party collusion with big business.  That’s obvious, and it is what funds Congressional lobbies in both major parties.  I merely wonder why people are honestly surprised the White House administration and its star would be so chummy with people like those who run Yahoo and Wal-Mart.

They decry inequality as they think Wal-Mart maintains (which it does to a noticeable degree- I worked there, I know- but I doubt it is generally worse than any other company of its size).  The Chief Executive was nothing short of a lying panderer while campaigning for his first term.  As soon as he was sworn in, he disregarded any major promises he made and completely ignored his alleged peace-loving persona.  He forces unconstitutional law on an electorate who doesn’t want it.  He was ultimately responsible for illegal surveillance of Americans and foreigners across the world, as well as unjustifiable arrests of individuals whose only wrong was disliking what the government is up to: that being a reference to the Hutare, who were slowly and unsuccessfully charged with seditious activity the same week as Obamacare was passed- though it was several months before the government’s case was shown to be too weak to warrant its mass arrest at all.  Despite the utter lack of evidence for any crime, the family is itself still not permitted to be a family.  This is the kind of government Obama and his Attorney General keep (the same kind Bill Clinton and George Bush, Jr. did, I might add).

If people still thought Obama was some noble person after all this, remember he chose to maintain the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and unceasingly increase the incidents of drone attacks across the world.  Besides these failures in character, he is apparently incompetent in managing his senior staff without them bumbling major operations, policy changes, or basic security for overseas interest.  If not incompetent, he is complicit.

In addition to these, he is the leader of the Democratic Party.  Naturally his ambitions are serve its interests more than those of the people or rectifying inequalities we suffer.  (The Republican Party is no better, for the record.)  The point of Obama’s trip was mostly fundraising, according to a fleeting line of the article.

How is this visit to Wal-Mart a surprise?


** Another link gone.  This is downright conspiratorial, or negligence in journalism to the point of criminal. **

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