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SETI Lobbies Congress

May 21, 2014

<–abc-news-politics.html>  This article has two scientists asking Congress for more funding to locate alien life in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).  The speakers think it is best if we don’t announce ourselves to the universe- and I tend to agree with that.  The article concludes with: “Both Shostak and Werthimer agreed on this point: There have been no visits from aliens.

‘I don’t think that that would be something all the governments would have managed to keep a secret,’ Shostak said.  ‘If they were really here I think everyone would know that.'”

I can cite at least dozen cases of unidentified flying objects, unidentified submarine objects, or similar reports no human explanation can touch.  It demands either life forms, technology, or both from somewhere outside Earth or outside the measurable universe on this Earth.  Either way, I call it extraterrestrial visitation pending more information.  This concluding statement is ignorant at best.  Besides, who says all governments are aware of such things?  It’s a foregone assumption, and one clearly impossible to prove since investigation would only lead to denials anyway.

It annoys me when people pander to politics.  It is necessary for any success while lobbying Congress for money, I know, but still.  Here they say advanced civilizations could exist (some that could reach us, with the right technology) but we dismiss the chance of visitation despite all the discussion about it to this point over the hundreds of years of such speculation in one form or another.  This clearly means people talk about it, and these stories are based in some sort of fact more complex than a misidentified Venus and secret military aircraft.  I can only sigh.


** Another link gone…  Unbelievable.  Is it so hard to back up files and keep them accessible for a basic search, at least, to say nothing of the EXACT LINK? **

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