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There, Apparently a Gaffe…?

May 23, 2014

So Prince Charles allegedly made a slightly unwise comment in private conversation regarding Putin and his historical parallel to previous despots- I mean, chief executives…  <>  Apparently this is a big deal.

This tears it.

1.  I am tired of hearing about what wealthy or famous people say in private being turned into populist fodder for upset.  Donald Sterling said something stupid and even before there was any proof of the voice being his, everyone was calling for his resignation.  Now another private conversation alleged to be from a famous person is announced to the world and people are upset: the Russians and the diplomatic community both.

Before anyone says anything about what should happen to the speaker of an inflammatory comment, stop.  Just stop.  Was the conversation a private one, not in a public place, and not intended for public consumption?  If yes, shut up about it.  It’s not our business what people think if it does not affect others.  If this affects other peoples’ lives, whoever the intended audience was for the comment, then we can talk about what should be done.  In the case of Donald Sterling, it seems clear enough his point of view influenced how he ran a business.  That makes his bigotry illegal and stupid.  But lacking any proof of this, there is no reason to punish anyone for his or her opinions.  We react hatefully to people who have a hateful point of view.  This is natural, however irrational it really is.  But to insist upon punishing people for their beliefs or opinions by virtue of them being one’s beliefs or opinions, and not because of their affect on others, is just as intolerant as the people we seek to punish.  It is a self-defeating argument and just as stupid as being a bigot.

That said, the next time you hear about an upsetting comment and immediately jump on the social bandwagon about how that person should be censured or fired, shut your mouth and consider if we should be discussing the topic at all.

2.  Regarding Prince Charles’ comment comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, I remind you there is no confirmation he said anything.  If he did, it was in private conversation with a person who lived through the Second World War, according to the video I posted a link for above.  It is not unreasonable given this context for Prince Charles to say something like this when it is true!  Prince Charles is a politician, yes?  He is going to cater to his audience, especially if it may coincide with his private opinions.  This should not be a surprise.

3.  Now, regarding the comment Prince Charles supposedly made.  It’s the karking truth!  Putin is behaving exactly like Hitler in diplomatic and military terms.  I wrote a blog about this before, look it up.  If the future monarch of the United Kingdom happens to say something factually correct but offensive to the power-hungry, murderous dunce in Moscow, why are we upset by this?  It isn’t like the rest of the world doesn’t think it too.  It isn’t like it changes anything about his behavior.  Kissing Putin’s Soviet ass now is not going to reverse his actions- appeasement by Prime Minister Chamberlain was one of the most famous diplomatic failures of European history, people.  Can’t a person say what he or she wants when it is true, in private, without getting this kind of backlash?

I can’t believe any of this needs to be said.


** Another outdated link… **

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