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If dark matter …

May 26, 2014

If dark matter exists, how is space-time expanding?

Redshift of light is the primary justification for saying space-time is expanding.  Concurrently, dark matter is supposedly a force augmenting gravity, and is critical for why cosmic matter doesn’t careen into space–because people who went to school for fifteen years after high school say gravity is too weak to overcome the force of matter’s own inertia while in orbit around larger gravitational sources.  Dark energy I am not even getting into.  Even so, I sense issues with this doublethink.

For my money, I say entropy is enough to account for the presumed expansion of space-time.  Dark matter is said to be necessary to reinforce gravity in cosmic, circular motion.  Yet neutron stars don’t slather nearby space with their cosmic flesh.  How would any gravity be able to retain the shape of something so dense and fast?  Does dark matter have greater density around high gravitational sources?  If so, how is it necessary?

For argument’s sake, let’s say space-time is expanding and light is not subject to measurable entropy (even though everything else is).  Is dark matter moot with regard to space-time expansion, by virtue of one being a physical quality of the universe, and the other isn’t solely so?

For that matter, exactly how would we tell the difference between light’s redshift being caused by the expansion versus being thrust through the diminishing traits of the dark matter?  If both are true, does it affect light double?  Are either expanding space-time or dark matter even necessary to account for what we have seen?  Just because people have produced pages of math to justify these thoughts, doesn’t make those squiggly lines correct in the real universe.  Self-contained theory is not proof unto itself, and I haven’t seen real arguments yet vindicating dark matter or space-time expansion.  Get back to me when we can see a measurable increase in distance between nearer astronomical objects, or when we find a jar of black ether as heavy as lead.

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