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Where was this in the national news?

May 27, 2014

Where was this in the national news?

I found out about this on Facebook today.  I know it means the media are simply playing to the negative for ratings (“if it bleeds, it leads” still holds), but the utter failure of national media syndicates to report on news like this also leads to misinterpretation of fact by the public.  Media moguls know this.

This was a potential school shooting foiled by a trained security person, and the training was perfect.  Sounds like good story, right?  Get this: it happened in August and was originally reported on September 11th, four years ago.  It seems like this would have been made to order for news outlets!  Security measures of the United States prove effective in preventing violent crimes, and on 9-11, no less.  Yet, I don’t remember ever hearing about this.  Why not?

If no one ever hears about injuries or fatalities school shootings being adequately prevented like in this case–and this is not the only case–everyone reacts to them on the assumption every incident is a disaster, and preventable with the seizure of firearms.  Never mind people would just resort to knives or sharpened pencils.  They have.  In major news outlets, there is complete omission of how necessary armed guards may be, and that leads to the assumption no arms would help.  That is categorically false.

That falsehood only makes a police state, as unbelievable as this sounds, preferable to actually maintaining the Constitutional rights we were given by people who themselves fought a rebellion against a corrupt state.  I think I’d trust their judgment over narrow-minded Second Article abolitionists who have no concept of how a government can and does usurp power when the citizenry is disarmed.  Germany was disarmed once in the 1930s, you know.  Thus, when the time came, the people had no means to prevent its government from making unwise choices with regard to its neighbors.  I hope everyone remembers what happened with that.

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