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School Marker

June 11, 2014

In memoriam of yet another shooting in the United States, this comic was posted today:

Unlike several I have seen on this site lately, this editorial does not lay unjustified blame on adherents to the Second Article for the desperate or unconscionable acts of individuals ignoring law and basic human decency.  Several comics like to equate firearm ownership, by virtue of itself, with belligerent insanity or allegiance with Nazism, evidently, but that really only proves the idiocy of the artist–certainly much more than any relevant danger from people who believe the Constitution should not be shredded, least of all for the sake of media lapping up the blood of tragic crimes to imbibe whatever ratings come with it.  I am tiring of this judgment from those who should have an IQ high enough to distinguish between disturbed individuals and law-abiding citizenry, but apparently don’t.

My condolences are with the victims of this, newest terrible event.

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