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Good or Bad- and How Ugly?

July 1, 2014

In the news recently: the Supreme Court has ruled against allowing police–presumably federal agents as well–from searching people’s cell phones willy-nilly at the time of detention or questioning.  I am very pleased with this ruling.  I hope it is actually obeyed.  There are going to be extreme cases where ignoring it is valid, as I mentioned before, and we are sure to hear about them in the future.

Also, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the businesses with religious preference (the famous Hobby Lobby suit).  I wrote a blog about this before, as well, and it seems the ruling follows the complex but manageable route of allowing certain for-profit companies claim religious rights within a set of parameters.  Personally, I would prefer the Affordable Health Care mandate was struck down, but apparently the majority of the Court is still bought as far as that is concerned.

Who should be the ones to determine what requirements exist for a company claiming religious rights involving health coverage for its employees?  Congress?  Hardly.  It takes them ten years to agree on a load of crap none of the electorate wants in that form.  But who else?  What does the internet community think?

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