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Unfortunate News

July 10, 2014

This whole reversal of the poles is called magnetic deviation. I don’t know why this term is not used in the article. Regardless, however suddenly this magnetic deviation happens, it’s going to play hell with Global Positioning Systems, satellite communications, and anything with a computer chip. That should suck with most every car running off computers now. Who would have thought having cars made out of plastic and computers, made in such a way the owner can’t easily fix them anymore with manual parts, would have a downside?…

I can’t help but wonder if the weakening over North America has something to do with the abundance of electromagnetic signals we’ve been pumping out since the early 1900s, though. As a consumer base, the United States has been broadcasting more and stronger EM waves than any other country consistently since radio became common. If we see similar weaknesses forming over Europe and China, for instance, we may want to reconsider the unfettered use of wireless communications for the sake of our own survival as inhabitants of our planet.

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