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Between Two Liars

July 18, 2014


The rebellion in Ukraine (that’s exactly what it is), as equipped and probably financed by Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation, has reportedly shot down a Malaysian passenger jet as it flew over Ukraine. More than two hundred people are dead now for irredentist politics they had nothing to do with. There was an American aboard, apparently, so Chief Executive Obama has taken to more pontificating about how wrong this all is.

It is unbelievably egocentric of the Chief Executive or any American to care so much only because an American was aboard, even though that is not necessarily the case here. It is immaterial if there was a citizen of the United States aboard that flight; shooting down international flights as part of this rebellion is heinous and wrong no matter the citizenship. There can be no adequate words to take away this unnecessary mass murder. We should not just sympathize with the American’s bereaved family, we should feel for every bereaved family killed for no reason whatsoever.

Something else we, as citizens of the world, should not have to do is hear two liars make speeches about it, either. Obama waggles his diplomatic finger angrily at Russia about how international investigation should be respected into this, as if it is going to be unimpeded, and uses a lot of strong talk he will not follow through with necessary action. He says we should respect the sovereignty of the Ukrainians in this regard, as we should: but it is rich coming from the Dronemaster, respecting other nations’ sovereignty. As the Commander-in-Chief, legally, he is responsible for how the U. S. ignores international and foreign law all the time to murder people via the military equivalent of video game console. Thanks to his health care mandate and poor leadership in most regards–perhaps coincidentally given the topic of Ukraine about now–Obama is a communist hypocrite.

Then Putin says this would not have happened if there was peace in the Ukraine. Two things: one, duh. Thanks for telling us there would not have been a missile fired at passing aircraft in a peaceful country, Vlad the Knave. We couldn’t have figured it out ourselves. And two: whose fault is it there is an armed rebellion in your neighbor’s country? Yours, Putin, you homicidal jackass. Mark that “From America, with Loathing.”

This was a terrible crime. The fact it happened at all means the international community failed to prevent such violent rebellion from effecting people outside the borders in dispute, and the worst part is, this tragedy is paltry next to the others we allow to continue because the nation involved simply doesn’t matter enough to us. Darfur, Syria, and a dozen other places have awful things happen when they could be stopped by simply caring about our fellows like the New Testament is somewhat particular about. This aircraft being shot down was reprehensible, but it’s not the only example of bloodshed we as a community of countries could prevent if we would put our money where our mouth is and uphold the ideals of democracy and peace; although, I would advise we don’t do this by propping up dictators and claiming we help democracy again. It never ends well. All we need to do is care about other people, even when it doesn’t further some geopolitical goal.

  1. They all come with their agendas, democracy and peace are not high on the list.

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