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Timorous Rubles

July 21, 2014

“Russia isn’t concerned about the possibility of being labeled as a sponsor of terrorism, Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov said by text message yesterday.” But apparently the monetary consequences of just this type of classification has Russia’s wealthy edgy.


Firstly, I find it slightly unprofessional for a spokesperson of the government–any government–to respond officially through a text message. Just me. But this article makes me laugh. The money in Russia is scared of Putin and his retribution, and rightly so; the Federal Security Bureau is not to be trifled with. It is the modern KGB, after all. Just the same, in a country where medical care is so substandard tuberculosis is rampant in prisoners and at least present in the regular population, the wealthy are becoming wary of Vlad the Knave’s antics. Leave it to money to argue against homicidal national policy when morality is insufficient.

To be fair, it’s not like the United States isn’t guilty of exactly this kind of behavior. This type of policy was precisely what led to the current Iranian government, and that’s only one example. We still pull this crap. But my point is this: money trumps basic decency. This is not limited to Russia.

Besides, if we were serious about stopping Putin’s bollix, how about we really make the wealthy and the Russian economy feel the pinch? Most domestic U. S. oil is sold to Russia by American private companies because it’s more profitable than selling it here, even though such a shift would reduce dependency on foreign resources. How about cutting off that supply? Putin and his government would have more than a few grumbling rich men to deal with.

  1. saucerfulsecrets permalink

    Boeing 777 – An accident or sacrifice? (Video)
    Proofs of complicity of Ukrainian militaries in crushing of Boeing 777 (Video)

    • I severely doubt the Ukrainian government has any reason to be involved in this. Putin more than makes the case for how much of a jackass he’s been without doctoring more situations to do so. That is itself enough for the Russian people to speak against it, when so motivated, even prior to this incident.

      Aside from that, if inspectors are having trouble getting to the crash site or getting the evidence before it is tampered with, how reliable is anything coming out of the crash site not via inspectors or multinational, official third parties?

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