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Bad Example

August 6, 2014

This is exactly why the concept of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth is regarded as irrational: a terrible example of what may be an unidentified flying object being aired on national television as if there’s no better example. The bias by omission precludes any real discussion, if not focusing on the hardships of interstellar travel as limited by our understanding of science. This has changed so much in the last two centuries we can hardly dismiss the possibility of older cultures elsewhere mastering travel of such distances… or dimensions…

There are many better examples of unusual phenomena people ignore or are willfully ignorant of. This video highlights some group of objects that are considerably more likely to be debris than an extraterrestrial formation. If so interested, I encourage people to search for this list and see what you think. Also, this is not an extensive list. There are dozens of others.

1. A famous video from the STS-48 space shuttle Discovery, September 15, 1991: two light sources appear in space outside the shuttle. One zipped across the screen after a burst of light from the surface and a second, seemingly with a rocket trail, may have been targeting the first object… which evaded with embarrassing ease. Ice particles do move this way.

2. The Black Knight satellite. I’ll have you look that one up. I have no explanations for it without temporal or interplanetary travel.

3. The incident at the Rendlesham in the United Kingdom, December 1980: a case still classified despite the declassification of many UFO reports in the same country, recently.

4. Socorro, New Mexico: April 24, 1964.

5. Two consecutive weekends in July 1952 when Washington, D. C. was inundated with UFOs who teased pilots–who saw the UFOs themselves–and was later attributed to cold air pockets on radar. (This teasing of pilots is hardly uncommon with better UFO cases, by the way.)

6. At least two known times UFOs seemed compromised nuclear missile sites: Malmstrom A. F. B. and in the Soviet Union. For the latter, I’ll post a link here because it cites ABC news coverage on it.

7. The airship reports from the late 19th century, before heavier-than-air aircraft were developed with any practicality. No secret inventor ever stepped forward to take credit for the leap forward in aviation, and no Western government suddenly made fleets of airships for any purpose as a result of these craft.

8. The Trent photograph: 1950. That old couple had no means to fake such a picture, and no reason to.

9. The Betty and Barney Hill abduction: September 1961. This couple reported a classic style abduction before such things were in UFO literature and so common in public consumption, quite apart from one another during hypnosis. The timing rules out subconscious images implanted by movies and books.

10. Secret knowledge of the Dogon tribe: this African culture has carried a private bit of astronomy for centuries it says came from ancient gods or creatures, partial to living out on the water around the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, or the Indian Ocean. The Dogon knew about the exoplanet Sirius-B long before telescopes were invented in Europe, and they never seemed to have any telescopes themselves.

Any of those examples ever come up in mainstream media? Or is it all tacitly debunking propaganda? I guess they’d rather just make the concept of current alien visitation outlandish–literally, a possibility only from the outlying areas–and y’all folks from the city never do or think weird things, do ye? No bias there…


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