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Completely Misleading

August 6, 2014

Here’s a fun example of media being completely wrong in how they assess the legalities of the presidential office. It’s fun for me because they made it so easy. Source:

To begin, I’ll point out one correct assessment: “‘He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution,’ [Mark] Krikorian [executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies] said of Obama.” That’s true. Regardless, as the chief executive of all federal law enforcement branches, any policy change in immigration would easily be in his lawful purview. This cannot expand the scope of his power unless Obama drafts or usurps judicial or legislative branch offices to enact his proposed changes.

Without getting into the right or wrong of what precise changes Barack Obama may have in mind, the simple version is this headline reads like he’s overstepping his authority in a new and dangerous way with enforcement of immigration law. If he enacts an executive order in pursuance of one of his changes, and it is contrary to existing federal law, that would be true. But for Obama to undertake some proactive stance on any matter in federal enforcement bureaus, especially when it is after Congress has utterly failed to overhaul a system in dire need of meaningful attention? That is the definition of the chief executive’s job. This reeks of politics.

Say what you want about Obama–I have said plenty thus far–but you are dead wrong for faulting him on this before you know what changes are applied to immigration policy. In fact, every U. S. president has had this type of power as Article III of the Constitution permits. Most up to Kennedy were simply good enough not to make undue use of it. If you want to fault Obama, it’s easy enough with valid criticisms: how he disregarded the electorate’s will with his communist health care, for instance, or his insistence on ignoring international law the United States is beholden to by treaty when he blitzes people with drones across the world. Don’t waste our time and mislead the people with this when he has clearly overstepped elsewhere, with a far more sinister precedent.

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