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Misleading Editorial

August 15, 2014

Here’s an example of common misrepresentation of the situation. Sadly, this is not the first time I have seen this from this site and this comic artist, in particular.

The short version: the National Rifle Association is not culpable for any incidents like Michael Brown’s shooting at any time because the responsibility lies with the police. This comic is not insightful or clever, it is a lie by creating false association. It is sadly common most people instinctively connect thing this way and delude or fool themselves, that only serves to allow political forces to curtail basic republican freedoms (not the party Republican, mind you, but the structure of representative democracy). Ignore the rest of this post if you don’t want more specific analysis of why this aggravates me.

The long version: there is clearly an issue of bigotry still in the United States from the appalling lack of initiative among white* judicial leadership to dare imply it by punishing obvious crimes. Nationwide, there have been many like what happened to Trayvon Martin and other victims harassed or fatally shot by authority figures, quite possibly including Michael Brown in Missouri. I am not disputing the fact. I am not disputing, either, the probability there is some link to this and irresponsible gun ownership (including members of the National Rifle Association). Statistically, there must be if only accidentally.

I am disputing the implication the NRA is inherently morally obligated to account for irresponsible weapons owners or law enforcement, without any consideration if such people are members or not. Even if they are, the organization itself should not be held accountable for individuals any more than Mothers Against Drunk Driving should be compelled to explain an occasional lapse in its membership–say, for instance, if someone in MADD was arrested for drunk driving. I don’t know any such thing happened, but it’s an example. Statistically, it is likely, too. The federal government has persecuted or killed hundreds over the years in botched and malicious operations–the Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas, for example–and no one expects the executive branch to answer for it, for some reason. That is one authority who really should.

The NRA is not culpable for any incidents like Michael Brown’s shooting at any time because the responsibility lies with the police. If it was an individual and a member of the NRA, it is still not obligated to explain itself or its thoughts short of complicity in such a case. Unless the NRA willfully and deliberately encouraged or planned some heinous act, no one has any right to deride it for any act of gun violence by virtue of weapons ownership itself. Tying the concept of the gun lobby, through the NRA (whatever it does unto itself), to the alarming number of racially-exacerbated crimes is outright lie by creating false association. For anyone who believes this is comic artist has a valid comment here, it shows a poor understanding of pertinent context.

* I intend to comment to the imprecise language we use in regard to different ethnicities at some point. We are only one race, in the first place, so we misuse that word at the outset. I don’t think we are intellectually prepared to really move past bigotry or racism (different meanings) until we can get beyond using chromatic designations we use more accurately when describing Power Rangers, or terms like “Caucasian,” when they are originally bigoted themselves. I don’t know what else to use, but those terms don’t help us improve our perception.

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