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August 17, 2014

More violence in Ferguson, Missouri.  [As of the day after posting this, evidently, the link was made invalid.  I don’t suppose it’s necessary now.]

I need not delve into the bigotry fomenting this to what it has become. There are surely many that have already. I have wondered what pretext would be used for declaring martial law, however, under the authority of US-NORTHCOM as the executive order allows it for when that step is taken. I always thought it would be a natural disaster, like Hurricane Katrina, but now it seems pretty clear there’s a classic one available, even in a country where there was a civil war to ensure equality of the races. It’s worked for centuries, why not use it again?

Following the shooting of Michael Brown, police were alleged to go door-to-door to find witnesses pertaining to his death. Historically, since when do police forces go door-to-door for witnesses? Not a rhetorical question: they generally don’t except to silence or coerce testimony. I don’t know that is going to happen here, or has happened yet, but historically this is not a good sign. Even if the police have good intentions in this case, it is still a bad sign they must undertake this step to get witnesses.

It wouldn’t likely be from this strife, but in the future, I wonder if I’ll see race riots like my parents did… and it’ll lead to a new order much like arose elsewhere when a republic was replaced by a single national socialist party… Should I brush up on my German language skills?

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