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What Fourth Amendment?

September 1, 2014

To judge from this article alone (which, historically, has been too narrow a view when making determinations given NBC news online) I see there isn’t much interest in the Parliament or the Courts to have anything like the Fourth Article in the United States’ Bill of Rights… Not saying this is unnecessary reaching of authority, but I am saying this kind of thing should require some legislative or judicial approval first, that’s all. A Constitution may help with that, if it is honored. I wonder how that’s going in the U. S. these days…?

This increase in authority is all based on the fact one militant sounded British? That’s a bit Anglocentric, isn’t it? I hope there is some intelligence we don’t know from this article justifying this step. If the guy sounded British, it could just be he had a British instructor, or British English in front of him. The accent of one man in another country is not enough to justify profiling an entire ethic category in the United Kingdom for the purposes of international security, Mister Prime Minister… in case you needed to be told that.

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