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Climactic Clues From Greenland

September 5, 2014

This is an interesting bit of research. Convenient these people arbitrarily reassess how to interpret data and shift the timing of the global temperature increase to fit with a revised timeline for the most recent ice age, though. How does that not conflict with known information derived from carbon readings of plant and animal matter, exactly?

My only other thought is this: this warming did probably follow a cooling period, sure, whenever it was. That makes more sense than the reverse. But, to revisit an early question in the global climate change debate, how do we know the climactic warmth increase is not itself a natural cycle of Earth? It cools itself without our influence or clear indication why. Why would the reverse not occur as well? Does the planet require a cool period before it can warm up? I can’t see why that would be. Is it so hard to admit we simply don’t know the answers?

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