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Impossible Destruction (Distraction)

September 10, 2014
No one FOUND the Higgs boson! They found a hole where they wanted it to be. That only proves they found a hole, not what anti-particle could be there or what particle was there they couldn’t detect. Whenever anyone says they found the particle they are wrong or lying to serve their arrogance. How can a particle, if it does exist, unhinge the rest by “destroying” it? If this boson constitutes mass, it wouldn’t destroy it. It would nullify or reverse it. Nothing is destroyed. Physics should be much more articulate than this.

I really wish these people would find something useful to do. Even their own hypothesis defeats the concept of a “bubble” from a tunneling boson field (which is a ridiculous concept in the first place). Supersymmetry demands there be an equivalent of the boson particle this “destructive” field would certainly collide with, so the universe wouldn’t be lost in any sort of anti-mass conversion. Really, people, just because you can’t understand the Universe doesn’t mean you should make up whatever you want to so you can satisfy your hubris. Is it not more disappointing to know it all? If so, why presume you have the answers–especially when they are self-defeating as per your own most fundamental laws?

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