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Pertinent Insight

September 27, 2014

“Mark my words, when a government pretends that it is the highest judge of its own actions, the result is not freedom as Jefferson says, but chaos and oppression. When he shuts religion out of government, when men of faith are not listened to, then all that remains is venality, posturing, and ambition.”

-Orson Scott Card, Heartfire

Here’s a fairly scathing remark, yes?

Let’s review: the federal government holds itself to its own authority–and it never punishes anyone responsible for crimes or gross incompetence, at least since President Ford pardoned Nixon for all the crimes he might be found guilty of, not the ones he was known to be guilty of at the time–and the federal government considers any application of God in government in conflict with the separation of church and state.  I’ve gotten into that before, but suffice to say, the consequence is this: no federal authority is beholden to any morality beyond what it deems necessary.  How’s that working out?

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