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This Seems Familiar…

September 27, 2014–america-s-asymmetrical-war-with-isil-165919710.html

Recently, some illegitimate or questionable authority in Iraq was made to face the consequences of its discriminatory or corrupt choices.  Funny, the United States was involved in who became leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan… and neither has been very good for democracy there…  Then, through some fairly complex ramifications of this and worldly indifference to the mass murder in Syria, we have IS… or ISIS… or ISIL…  (Can we at least pick a name?)  Now we are bombing the target in the same country we can’t seem to get out of after invading it on false pretenses.

Isn’t this how Vietnam started?  The French wouldn’t leave even though they agreed to give the natives independence, then we thought if they went Communist the world would end–because for some reason, we thought they would ally with their ancient enemy China–and we started bombing the Vietnamese we don’t like… then we couldn’t get out of there easily… and coincidentally, we were complicit in the corruption of leaders in Saigon.  Our involvement actually drove our ally during the Second World War, Ho Chi Minh, into the arms of Communist materiel providers.  How is this a good approach where we know religious warfare is sure to continue long after we win, if we do?  Would it not make more sense to bring the United Nations in as peacekeepers like actually worked in other countries?  Granted, in Bosnia, it isn’t perfect and it took a decade, but it stands a better chance than blitzing out people and leaving no lasting preventative measure from EXACTLY the SAME THING from happening again.

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