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November 12, 2014

I’ve remarked here before how there are disheartening similarities between how the United States of America got entangled in Vietnam and how we are sending advisers to Iraq now.  For the record, I don’t dispute ISIS must be stopped, but it could have been prevented if the West cared about the plight of Syria before this (say, the West was motivated by some sort of moralistic premise rather than the bottom line or “it doesn’t affect us”).  Now, we can’t be sure this is an effective way to stem the ISIS tide.  Worse, the parallels of our own foreign policy are neglected at our own peril, and I suspect the constant parallels reenacted can only form a set of iron bars around the U. S. (figuratively, if not literally in some sense), from which there is no easy means to escape.  If I may continue with the metaphor, this prison of our own making is sure to harm others in the process, too.

There is another parallel with regard to U. S. policy toward ISIS, as well.  We tried eliminating a new, reactionary government we didn’t recognize before… almost a century ago, in fact, in much the same sentiment we attack ISIS now.  I can’t imagine it would work better now than it did in 1918-9: against the nascent Lenin-Socialist movement in the disintegrating Russian Empire.  Does anyone know how that went?  I do.

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