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A Potential, Rather Critical Omission?

November 26, 2014

If the governor sees fit to bolster peace efforts in an embattled area, okay.  It’s still fishy how there is so much, and so destructive, violence here without any apparent comparable history of such deep-seated racial resentment in the area…  (Either the media seem to fail in telling us that or there isn’t that sort of history; that means this is all deliberately exacerbated from without.  Neither of those sit well with me.)  This is to say nothing of the fact police were intentionally so far from it there was no official witness to who was doing what, yet we know exactly who it was and specifically why this destruction happened.  Whatever.  It’s suspicious but pointless to dwell on that.  Still, bear that in mind.

I have no other comment to this but this: deployment of the National Guard in the domestic United States like this is, today, whether or not it is announced as such, done under the auspices of US-NORTHCOM.  This is a federal government command structure authorized in contravention of the Constitution–that is, by executive order–and one in agreement with Mexico and Canada permitting active duty troops on U. S. soil for riot control.  This includes FOREIGN air, sea, and land forces, by the way.  Our own troops, and those of a different country, can be deployed anywhere in North America to suppress any alleged unrest at the behest of the governments of Canada, Mexico, or the U. S.  There is no United Nations regulation or countering force I know of for US-NORTHCOM, and any resistance to it would surely be considered sedition.

US-NORTHCOM is said to combat the possibility of civil unrest without any existing at the time it was created… very shortly after the 9-11 attacks, so you know, and no such necessity ever arose.  As with the above website, it is understandable US-NORTHCOM is not mentioned by the National Guard–they can’t easily post every justification of orders all the way up to the President, practically, and why bother?  My only question is, after knowing this command is surely involved in the Missouri National Guard’s action, if only in observation, has any media outlet mentioned US-NORTHCOM or its ramifications?  Right now, when it is perhaps the most pertinent to date, it must be mentioned if the media are not simply complicit or incompetent.  Has anyone heard about US-NORTHCOM at all recently?

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