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A Sight to Feasibly Resemble… Actual Constitutional Freedoms Lost…

December 14, 2014

Do not take this the wrong way, but it should be stated this protest was illegal–though, curiously, not unlawful.  A statute law passed by the federal government, a parks bill, forbids any form of First Article mass demonstrations in the Capitol and/or in a certain distance from important persons like the President or something.  (I posted about that before.)  This law is clearly not enforced well.  It is also in obvious contradiction with freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  So the protest was not unlawful, but it was against the statute law, so it’s illegal.  Convoluted, isn’t it?

I don’t mention how this is illegal to speak against the act of protesting, or specifically protesting this.  Whatever the circumstances involving the deaths of these black men, there is an obvious minority of those in United States’ police forces (though nonetheless a critical one) with a racist outlook, and this prevents any remedy in cases of outright murder.  This must be fixed.  But I feel compelled to point out the federal government has a law against peaceable assemblies like this one, and those who defy it are punished only when it suits the public opinion and the presidential administration’s perceived reaction to such demonstrations.  This is also wrong.  The electorate should know this.


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