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The Triple Entendre of “Spin”

January 13, 2015

This is seriously the basis of quantum mechanics, and therefore, it is the essence of why science believes subatomic dynamics and dark energy exist as they are “understood” by modern researchers.

Watch this video and answer me this.  If the entirety of material existence, as we see it, is defined arbitrarily by whatever terms we use for measurement, and can be redefined by any differing arbitrary set of measurement specifications (in any number of angles of spin, in this case), how in the universe can any measurement be a valid, objective basis of material understanding of particles?

They can’t.  As such, no such statement can explain the essential quantum nature of matter itself, let alone be used in support of outrageously tenuous concepts as string theory and the veracity of the Higgs boson.  This is the same subjective approach as “carbon” dating on organic samples upon depletion of actual carbon, and any testing of inorganic samples.  Even carbon dating is slightly subjective, since variants in climate and environment of a sample can change the rate of decay.

Also, on a side note–how exactly would any theoretically objective measurement determining the action of an unobserved particle any distance from one measured (and hypothetical this must be, since the parameters above are anything but objective), giving a certain indication of the second particle not being directly measured, be influence on the unobserved particle?  Honestly? All that means is causality is fairly assured from a source event of two particles, one known and one which possibly doesn’t exist at all. That we can determine without the “spin” the alleged science presented here. It could be a simple matter of analogia entis. Is that so difficult to accept, at least until we find a truly unbiased means of measuring particles?

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