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Dry Reading… ha ha…

February 13, 2015

Droughts are bad.  The one alleged to kill cultures of the (present-day) American Southwest were worse, and for decades, as the article says.  But would any modern “mega-drought” not be worse because we have damned–I mean dammed–so many water sources?  The drought this article warns of had rivers flowing in their natural courses, which have been curtailed or altered completely in cases like the Colorado River.  Some species of wildlife have been lost or put at disadvantage because of how we changed the environment with irrigation and such.  Any people further away from where the rivers used to run during this future, inevitable “mega-drought” (and where the rivers no longer run) would be in places even worse off than they would have been in the archaeological past.  Water wars may be fought again.  There’s some happy news…

As a side note, isn’t it coincidental the doctor who is warning us about this is named Cook?  It’ll feel like that during these mega-droughts, in the summertime.

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