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Islands Grow and Dollars Shirk

March 31, 2015

So much going on in the world today, isn’t there?

This specific topic of three catching my interest today: China is ambitious. Hardly new information, there, but the particular way China is ambitious lately is geopolitically important. Firstly, the financial warlocks of the “People’s Republic” with the largest manufacturing and pollution record of the world seek to usurp the U. S. dollar as a reserve global currency. <; I don’t pretend to understand the full ramifications of the world market if that happened, but it may give a competitor nation a greater edge over America in terms of fiscal influence. Now that I write it that way, it doesn’t intrinsically sound any worse than what we do in the world… Just the same, as a citizen of the United States, it makes me less than happy. I can only imagine it would have negative consequences on the value of a dollar, which is falling quite enough as it is. Lord knows the dollar isn’t being managed to help most of the people trying to use it.

Secondly, China has continued to press its claims in the South China Sea, at the irreversible loss of natural habitats already threatened by nature an humankind (it seems) everywhere. <; Let’s overlook the unjustifiable and thoughtless destruction of a fragile ecosystem a moment, so we can ask the important question: why would China need a larger spit of land in the Pacific, and there? Look at a map of the world’s largest ocean, it relative placement of islands, and how the U. S. hopped from one to the next in the Second World War. That should give you a hint.

If a hint is insufficient, here’s this. It isn’t for a Chinese colony or tourist trap. They want the potential for air and naval bases. That being probable, who wants such things without the intent to bully neighbors—or make full use of them if pesky neighbors insist on having some rights in the same area of the world? The Declaration of Conduct wasn’t really enforceable, remember.

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