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No Surprise

April 9, 2015

I now apply the world’s shortest poem in history, with the same sense of irony it intended:


The evidence of Tsarnaev being guilty is irrefutable, it seems, and it is probably true. This person does deserve punishment. But this was a mock trial “if” (I use that with distinct sarcasm) he gets the death penalty simply because it would punish him for the potential—and unproven—willingness he had in his complicity in the act of which he’s been convicted.  There is no disputing the moral right to punish him. Regardless, no government prosecutor can prove he wasn’t fearful of or obedient to his brother unwillingly, and that is the only thing to determine if the death penalty is warranted.

If he dies for this, it is as much bollix as McVeigh’s conviction was. He was guilty too, but the verdict was based on circumstantial evidence and ignored telling details about other parties. This trial is just as rigged if Tsarnaev gets the death penalty. I say “if” as if it isn’t already decreed now…

  1. I’m sorry, but he’s a grown-up, and can think for himself, even if he is in fear. See all those people around him in the videos on the fateful day? He could have grabbed any one or more of them and said, “Help me,” and the whole day would have been different. People would still be alive and whole. If somehow his brother did have him under a spell, then it is his brother that will be killing him later, and for that, he has already received his punishment.

    • Immaterial–if the prosecution can’t prove it was the case, it is legally moot if the boy could have gotten help and simply didn’t. There is only one just way to punish him, and the death penalty isn’t it. It was already bullshit the jury was only selected after all individuals involved were known to be open to the death penalty. That should have had no bearing before the verdict unless the verdict was already determined.

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