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Colonel’s Standing

April 18, 2015

There are so many things wrong with the bias in Anthony Zurcher’s editorial I need only point out the big ones.

  1. The whole point of a political party is the representation of its members. If there is a sizable difference of opinion within a party, and it does not precipitate a new party outright, it is not a coup. It is a manifestation of a change of direction of that party. The same thing happened with some of the most famous leaders of American political parties—notably, Abraham Lincoln’s presidential election. Sensationalizing the dynamic by painting young leaders in any party with words implying them being illegitimate representation of the country is not opinion; it is slander. It is also misleading. (That is also politics, unfortunately, but there are limits.)
  2. If this is a coup in any sense, against what? Is the Republican Party some bulwark organization with its own clout to the point the people in it, or the people themselves, must engage in a battle to be heard? Doesn’t that nullify the point of a party being a means of articulating the peoples’ will if the people are expected—or judged harshly for—espousing different ideas than their party? Sounds more like a corrupt machine than a legitimate political party. Hey, wait…
  3. Let’s say this is at all a fair use of language to call these young Republicans “colonels” running counter to “generals” (who have been unpopular, ineffective, or proven poor leaders if not a combination of these descriptions). It is a gross oversight, and probably a deliberate one, to exclude Obama from the list of “colonels” because he himself was a single-term Congressperson with NO VALID EXPERIENCE when he was installed in office. If it is wrong for these three by the situation itself, it was wrong then for Obama, too. Not a word about that here. At least one of these candidates comes from an upbringing in the political system where the peoples’ will is considered pertinent. Obama is a liar if he says the same when he forced Communist health care on the republic.

You see why I have a problem with this piece?

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