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The Space-Borne Dogs of War

May 24, 2015

Goldeneye, anyone?

If this person is honestly surprised, he’s not paying attention. We shouldn’t be surprised either, since the United States military has already perfected laser interceptors for missiles, aircraft, and sonic weapons for crowd disbursal. The footer for this article even says this writer owns shares in the company making the technologically lethal part of this weapon—not surprisingly, built by one of the biggest corporations in the military-industrial complex. So if this person is not aware of the activities of a company he invests in (and that’s probably a typical thing), or if he’s not being entirely forthcoming with what he knows about Raytheon, it’s hard to say which.

Although this is a very cool weapon, it has serious implications wielded by this government. The United States federal government has overstepped its authority in thousands of cases over the years. Can we trust this type of technology in the hands of those with no regard for civil liberties, and whose personal affront resulting from online revelations about them triggered incarceration of people on the Internet like those of Wikileaks?

Here’s the deal: the U. S. federal government, especially the executive branch, is where the Framers’ dreaded “Dog of war” are. It is from these forces fascism and empire arise. Under the auspices of the Chief Executive—Obama, for now—this branch invades sovereign countries on minimal justification as policy, drones people all over the world without regard for international treaty (including how we are supposed to try foreign criminals in court, like those we call terrorists), blitzes out villages in the process while pretending the strikes were so surgical the next building was undamaged, and refuses to hold itself accountable to the electorate it is supposed to serve, or the world tangibly harmed by American interference across the globe. In effect the U. S. is a gangster and a bully, even to its own people however many good public servants it has in its ranks. Those people don’t have influence enough to fix this with the rampant citizen apathy we have today.

Worse, the government is rather imperious about its sacred mission and no one stopping this imperial trend. Now, among all the other sinister toys and history of inept or corrupt incidents in the past (Waco, Texas in April 1993 and 9-11 being prominent in that), this government announces it has the means to effectively eliminate threats of any single electronic source around the world. If it’s public it’s probably been around already for some time.

How do we know this isn’t going to be used against Americans, or any citizens the world over, using the Internet as a means to tell truth the U. S. and its allies don’t like? Has it already? Does anything stop our government from using this against “enemy” satellites in space and acting innocent about why they stopped working? If we try to rail against the Trans-Pacific Partnership or another incarnation of ACTA and the IP address is killed with microwaves from space, how can the citizens stop it when Congress can’t even care enough to prevent the continuation of law the judicial branch has ruled illegal? The Constitution prevents unlawful search and seizure, but if Congress can’t do its job, the executive will surely do what it thinks is its job—to the ruin of that pesky Bill of Rights, the longer those war dogs’ leashes run.

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