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Flushed (For Now)

June 13, 2015


The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership, or as I think is more accurate regarding the Constitution and law in accordance with it, the Toilet Paper Protocol) was denied its hurried, plutocratic passage. Thank all that is holy for that.

This doesn’t mean the TPP and its fundamental threats to constitutional law are gone, however. NAFTA was bad enough, for some parts, and this promises to be just as bad for the same reasons with certain provisions. The fight isn’t over—this thing is still going through Congress the legal way—but at least the semblance of due legislative process still exists for now. Keep an eye on this, and if it seems to matter for you (it never seems to have an effect for me), contact your Congresspeople and make sure they don’t vote for this if the American people are sure to be reamed by it.

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