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June 26, 2015

Legally, there is no argument; the Fourteenth Article guarantees this. Whether we like it or not, the spirit of a republican Constitution forces us to be true to a higher moral objectivity than all cultural aspects of Western society readily embrace… presuming we actually live up to our own ideals… I am just surprised the court was willing to make this ruling, even with a 5/4 split. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised the court diverges from acceptable norms, whether or not it is based on Constitutional articles.

However, does this ruling say non-governmental, religious individuals are expected to conduct wedding ceremonies for couples one doesn’t condone? That can’t be legally defensible. That would be enslavement of such persons by virtue of federal court ruling. This judgment should ensure the legality of marriage licenses from any given state, sure, but that’s not a priest or a clergyman being made to conduct a ceremony. I haven’t heard anything to say this ruling encourages anything but monogamy, either.

I don’t know if this means military chaplains are required to ordain whatever ceremony they are ordered, but unless there’s a part of this ruling I don’t know about specifying civilians are expected to do this wedding upon any couples’ request, this doesn’t infringe on religious autonomy of wedding ritual. It simply enables legal tax status is changed between two people when both wish it. Is that the problem? Rather, if the problem lies in judgment of others regarding how they live and trying to prohibit their free will, that is an obvious violation of their sovereign choices and flies in the face of what Jesus Christ Himself said: love thy neighbor. Not decide for another what one is allowed to do with decisions outside anyone else’s purview. Live peaceably and without undue judgment. Not complicated.

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