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“Two Legs Better?”

June 26, 2015

I like the optimism here, but with the TPP due to begin negotiation (like there is going to be any of consequence, with all constitutional recourse now verboten) and inevitable enforcement, this is a nail in the coffin for the Constitution and anyone that really cares about how laws follow it. Mark this day. We fought ACTA, SOPA, the indefinite detention of Americans in the NDAA, the mandate inherent in the ACA, and a slew of other unlawful statute and treaties posing as statute in ambiguous strings of capitalized letters. This is as bad as any of them and it is an overt step to the destruction of constitutional law in the United States. True to form, however, we are lied to about what this means and what impact it is sure to have. “Four legs good, two legs better!” the sheep cheer from the sidelines, while gussied-up pigs amble by.

I know it sounds melodramatic, but history shall see this “law” as the beginning of the end. When the power of citizens’ law in a REPUBLIC is completely taken away from them, they are no longer citizens. This is the renewal of serfdom and unapologetic plutocracy. It sounds like the prologue for a bad drama, and in a way it is. If you want to prove me wrong, help make this legislation go away. Become citizens instead of sheep. Unplug yourselves and DO SOMETHING!

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