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You Shall Not Pass Go… With Enough…

July 22, 2015

This underscores a salient fact that I have written elsewhere, if not here on this blog. The wages we earn are not too small; the cost of living off those wages is too high. “Cities often mandate a minimum wage higher than their state’s to make them more affordable to low-skilled workers, but still they’re not enough.” Can’t argue with that, given these numbers.

“This isn’t to say that the burgeoning movement for a $15 minimum wage and the Democratic presidential candidates’ interest in or embrace of such a wage is a waste of time,” the article goes on to say. No disrespect, Mr. Aleem, but I disagree as adamantly as possible. Giving the people more money isn’t going to do anything but bleed small business owners dry. That can only help mega-corps and their increasing stranglehold on economic factors in the United States, including proprietary ownership of things like rental properties. The problem is one much more likely to be solved by Congressional attention to the high costs of utilities, food, rent, and other daily needs of the people if at all. It doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars a month for these things, but they are valued as such when consumers come into the equation. Legislation could prevent gouging the captive audience and avoid a new serfdom, but that is the point of all this, it seems…

I guess that means we won’t see this problem solved, doesn’t it?

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