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No License, What Skill?

July 23, 2015

Mixed message here. I don’t think we should be mandated to carry identification just because law enforcement says so, which may be the point the Supreme Court is making (perhaps not surprisingly, one opposed to arbitrary executive authority already rampant). The requirement to have ID simply because the state says so is much like how the SS monitored the captive population within the Third Reich. This can only be a dangerous precedent in any democratic government. Especially so when police can track us by our name, our vehicles by license plates, Vehicle Identification Numbers, and our very faces from the squad car computer. Scary, but necessary at times, and so long as the law enforcement has cause to run such information—such as a person running a red light or driving recklessly, and not simply because the cop happens to be bored and on a residential street when he or she is a state trooper, for instance—there’s no reason to require documentation on our person or punish us for not having it as it relates to driving legally.

That said, a license should still be a minimum requirement if issued by local governments, to drive a car, for the same reason employees of stores are required to have certification for driving forklifts: safety. Just because one wants to doesn’t mean one should drive something with which they may or may not have necessary training or experience not to kill people by accident.

Without some sort of test to verify any given person has the requisite skills to drive safely, thereby being a danger to the people at large, allowing anyone of any age to drive without a test first is very unwise. Tickets for not having an ID would be valid if there is no ID. So long as we have proven not to be a threat to the public behind the wheel, however, it’s good enough. The Supreme Court should be careful with such rulings, if such care has not been duly mentioned here.


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