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Context, Stat(istic)

October 24, 2015

There was another shooting in Tennessee.  Really?  Again?

Really, we need to find what is wrong with armed Americans that is not also wrong with citizens of places like Switzerland, where almost everyone has a firearm.

For context, however, the figures given comparing the United States to the United Kingdom are not a fair representation of the situation. It is actually worse in the U. K. because it has a higher rate of gun crimes per capita, despite the ban of personal possession of firearms. It has worked to establish less violence about as well as equivalent laws in Washington, D. C. and Chicago, Illinois.

Correspondingly, according to the United States government census of 2010, at, the population of adults (men and women over the age of 18 years) is more than 234 million. Naturally, this does not count the homeless or undocumented people. Even with these numbers of mass shootings—which are intolerably high, I grant you, and not including annual rates of firearm-related suicides or single-victim incidents—by this number alone, your odds of being a victim to mass shootings is still one in almost one million. With the other situations included, I would guess your odds of being a victim to any firearm violence are still less than one in 500,000.

People play lotteries with odds much worse than that and think they’ll win. So let’s not get too crazy about gun regulation closely resembling what the Third Reich did to Germany, shall we?

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