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Deeper into the Abyss

December 11, 2015

Trump is still actually being taken seriously, and more than ever.  What the hell?

Ban the Muslims?  It reminds me of the “we hate the Irish” sentiment of the 19th century, or the anti-Chinese laws we hardly repealed before the First World War.  If you substitute “anarchist” for “ISIS” in headlines, it’s depressing how little has changed in a century.  Why do we never learn?

This is bigoted neo-Nativism at its finest.  The 60%+ of Republicans who support him are wrong, of whom a fair percentage seem to be baby boomers, and they MUST research candidates better if they are honest about wanting to change the system to serve them, the voters, better.  Donald Trump is a tycoon and is not going to help anyone but himself and his financiers.  If he is inaugurated as president, it only means Congress and the State Department are going to play catch-up for all the stupid things Trump would do in office.  Would you want someone so impulsive pressing the command for nuclear missile launch?  With an idiot like that in the Chief Executive office, we are only going to have more enemies across the world.  We have enough now.

We wouldn’t trust Joe Biden as president.  We can’t trust Trump either.  He is simply unstable, even if he had any concept of what it was to be a constitutionally-elected leader of a republic (which he doesn’t).  I can only hope we get Bernie Sanders instead, or at least, the electoral college prevents this blowhard from actually attaining executive power within the federal government.  So, for you who actually support this moron, DO THE RESEARCH and find a candidate who cares about the electorate without trying to abridge the basic civil liberties or ignore common decency.  In other words, pick someone else.  If fair treatment can be denied the Muslims, it can be neglected against law-abiding citizens of any arbitrary designation, just like it was against the Japanese in 1941.  If you don’t want to end up in an internment camp yourself, don’t pave the way for others to end up there, either.

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