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Possibility of Proof

February 28, 2016


One simple statement: this could qualify as proof of a divine Creator. Disorder does not create order, after all, with causality, and we have no idea what would result from a cataclysmic event free of causality—but I severely doubt order like this would be the result. If the non-entity alternate supposition precludes inherent cosmic order with such prevalence across all possible manifestations of our reality, especially with subjective matters like Human language, what would be an explanation for the “Zipf mystery” if not a consequence of Something we call God?

The natural retort is this can’t be definitive proof because there is no control variable demonstrated to prove it. I make no argument to that point. However, if it is faith given some potential credence, I see no problem with lack of irrefutable and conclusive data. If we require tangible arguments to justify our belief, it isn’t really faith.  David Hume would hate that.

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