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The Influential Do Not Get Prosecuted

July 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton is not going to be charged for criminal neglect or incompetence for the Benghazi fiasco, even though she failed as the Secretary of State while in office and lied about her conduct.  She is also not going to be charged with a crime regarding her “careless” use of emails while in a sensitive position of power, and while she transmitted sensitive information over insecure means of communication, and further, lied about her conduct again.

Pardon my speech, please, but WHY THE FUCK is she not at least being charged with perjury or obstruction of justice!?  This wench lied about her conduct as an acting head of an executive office and people died because of her poor leadership.  She lied and obstructed an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation when her conduct compromised the United States and our diplomatic capacity.  Does none of this warrant punishment when normal people go to prison for having less than a pound of non-lethal plants the Drug Enforcement Administration doesn’t like?  What possible justification is there for not putting her in a cell for her fraudulent and unbecoming conduct?

She should at least be stricken from the presidential ticket with this kind of bullshit.  What kind of country can we expect to live in when the only two options we are allowed to have for President are a neo-Nativist moron and a lying wench who have no interest in the people’s wishes or maintaining any sort of integrity?  Sign them both up for the Mission to Mars, so at least they’ll be gone.  Maybe they could actually do something good in the process–like stop breathing our air and tainting it for the rest of us.  Whoever accepts this situation without very loud consternation deserves whatever fate is coming to this country.  For God’s sake, people, vote for anyone but these two.  We may not have another chance to fix this if you fail to realize what is happening right now.

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