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Misrepresented As Always

July 7, 2016

Predictably, this rehashing of the Tunguska event is good for details (small particle matter at the epicenter) and ignores utterly two critical observations.  One, admittedly more likely to be anecdotal than anything, makes a direct comparison between the scene found at the epicenter in Tunguska and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in 1945.  Natural bolides or comets likely don’t produce such an effect.  The pattern of destruction in Russia as seen in 1927 does not fit with any other known asteroid or comet impact in the geological record from any source I have ever seen.  It does seem to mirror the 1945 atomic blasts in Japan, however.  Gee, what could that mean?

As a side note, the United States Air Force once tried out using nuclear propulsion for disc- and doughnut- shaped aircraft but abandoned the project in part because the engine became unstable.  At least a handful of times the radioactive fuel material had to be ejected to avoid catastrophic consequences.  The fact this implies conditions very much like several unidentified flying object sightings before, during, and since this U. S. A. F. endeavor is purely coincidental, I am sure…

The second critical observation of Tunguska from the time that is always ignored by the sanctioned version of events involves how every eyewitness report said the object itself causing the explosion in 1908 changed course twice before detonating—and yes, that specific word applies.  Incoming asteroids can alter course once for the same reason a stone can change course skipping over the surface of a lake, but human science itself says this cannot happen twice without the object being directed.  This means it deliberately chose to be in perhaps the least explored or charted area of the Northern Hemisphere of that time when the explosion happened.  The only version claiming anything less, and a less precise account more palatable to our arrogant human leaders and scientists, is from the official retelling (like this one).  Why ignore a salient and crucial factor of such an event?  Simple; those arrogant leaders of 1908 are the same in spirit as any from anytime of history.  They are incapable of accepting possibilities outside those pretending humans are masters of the universe, or aware of everything in it.  Why give credence to the only probable explanation when it is not natural, not human, and probably a little scary?

Whether or not the Tunguska blast was an atomic explosion as we know it, back decades before we ever made one by human hands, is not really the point.  The point is every official version of the story hides the truth by whitewashing how the cause of the explosion changed course and could only be a vehicle of some sort—and as it was a century ago when there was no way we had suborbital capacity, let alone that kind of flight, it wasn’t human.  Welcome to reality.  For those of you who don’t want to be here, kindly stick your collective heads in the sand without further comment, please.

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