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Concrete Shoals, Act One, Scene Four

July 12, 2016

We are now in the fourth phase of the play, before another Pacific Ocean war (and that is a coincidental phrasing, there).  Acts one through three were the Spratlys being violated by the traditional adversary of Vietnam, this violation being protested by the continental state and an archipelago with more obvious claim than both others, and another belligerent power perhaps actually acting in the best interests of local governments by watching closely, the United States of America.  The last scene was more thrilling than angry dialogue and pretty pictures of coral reefs being destroyed by poured concrete for air and naval bases.  Now it’s scene four.

China is determined by the world, simple regional history, and basic understanding of a map to be in the wrong about how it encroaches upon its neighbors… again.  The alleged People’s Republic is sure to ignore international determination and insist on staying where it is.  We are now approaching act two of the drama.  I wonder what’ll happen in the third act.  Watch for the sequel—the Sino-Oceanic War.  It’ll be a be a huge hit.


* For the record, if anyone has used this fictitious title already, I apologize for the pun’s use of this property.  If it has not been used in this way before, and someone uses it for creative purposes, I want royalties.  That way I’ll have a few more dollars before we are all irradiated.

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