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November 9, 2016

Official results all agree Donald Trump won the election for president of the United States of America.  I am still waiting for some upset to say there was a transcription error or a miscount somewhere.  Did we really choose a nativist moron over a lying manslaughterer, and never gave even 15% support for anyone more qualified in the final vote?


Can this be real?  If it is, I can only hope this is an opportunity for populism to do better while it has a chance to damage the corrupt machine Hillary Clinton rode to her apparent defeat.  Trump promises to be a screw-up, but if the people on the whole are invigorated by their supposed victory over collusion of Clinton’s ilk, maybe a Republican Congress can start listening to its electorate instead of billionaires profiting off manufacture of military hardware and “defense” contracts.  It’s a chance.  Let us just hope that spirit of civic responsibility kicks in before Trump gets us into some nuclear war over a stupid statement to foreign states.  Then we’ll all glow, as much as the new (apparent) chief executive.


What happens now?  Wait-out.

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