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“Pearls Before Swine,” Valentine’s Day 2016

Need I say more?


God Help Us (in the Ballot Box)

A neo-Nativist got the most Republican votes in New Hampshire.  A self-proclaimed revolutionary got the most Democratic votes, and neither has declared their plan for how they intend to make good on all their promises.  Even given this, no third party has been given the barest of mentions in any outlet of the media.  This bodes well.

I’ll be honest.  I would vote for Bernie Sanders, but I would prefer he give us any idea how he plans to fund his plans first.  The U. S. federal budget doesn’t support “free everything for the public” things unless you alienate many people who are a major part of its deliberative faculty (namely, Congress and its financiers), if it can be done effectively, and that means alienating a large group of people who are required to sign off on such changes to how the federal government spends its- that is, OUR– money.  I don’t see that happening even if there is a President Sanders in the White House because Congress and the courts are bought.  They’ll never go for that kind of shift unless it aggrandizes the executive branch, like the last big socialist president along these lines: F. D. R.  His cumulative affect on American government wasn’t exactly good or nearly as much a turnaround from bad economics as people are led to think.

As for Trump, the less said the better.  He’s a Wall Street bastard in spirit if not in fact, and he’s a bigoted, sexist moron.  If he’s president we’ll end up at war with Canada–and Canada would be right to win.

Hillary Clinton?  Please.  Being a woman doesn’t make anyone more or less qualified to be president, but specifically, she is a reprehensible choice for it.  She has no experience remarkable enough to warrant her even running for president that isn’t a horrible sign as an executive officer of the federal government.  She is an accomplished two-face in a gallery of notable liars.  She serves a single term as a Senator, then couldn’t even manage the Department of State without letting Americans die because she failed to protect them.  Who knows that and wants her to be the chief executive of the entire government?  Find them and tell them to turn their brain switch to the “on” position.

Maybe Sanders is the only way to get Congress to work for us for a change, by virtue of his extreme shift in policy would demand some kind of happy medium if Senators and Representatives actually do anything to cooperate with the popular will.  As I don’t expect that to happen, I wish him the best of luck.  Honestly, I expect him to be shot dead like J. F. K. before he actually changes the system to serve the people instead of money.  Also, I hope Trump slips on his bad hair and bites off his own tongue walking to give his next speech so he stops talking and we don’t continue to lose brain cells.

Are these really the best, viable options we have as an electorate of hundreds of millions?


Vladimir Putin (effective head of the Russian state for more years than he’s actually been president, mind you) is a fan of Donald Trump, and vice versa.  Putin is a lying, homicidal kleptomaniac with no compunction about killing civilians to achieve his domestic goals.  And he’s a fan of Trump.  How does that taste for Republicans favoring a blowhard with a bad haircut?

Time to reassess for them, I would say.


No comment here but this one: we should pay attention to this.

Deeper into the Abyss

Trump is still actually being taken seriously, and more than ever.  What the hell?

Ban the Muslims?  It reminds me of the “we hate the Irish” sentiment of the 19th century, or the anti-Chinese laws we hardly repealed before the First World War.  If you substitute “anarchist” for “ISIS” in headlines, it’s depressing how little has changed in a century.  Why do we never learn?

This is bigoted neo-Nativism at its finest.  The 60%+ of Republicans who support him are wrong, of whom a fair percentage seem to be baby boomers, and they MUST research candidates better if they are honest about wanting to change the system to serve them, the voters, better.  Donald Trump is a tycoon and is not going to help anyone but himself and his financiers.  If he is inaugurated as president, it only means Congress and the State Department are going to play catch-up for all the stupid things Trump would do in office.  Would you want someone so impulsive pressing the command for nuclear missile launch?  With an idiot like that in the Chief Executive office, we are only going to have more enemies across the world.  We have enough now.

We wouldn’t trust Joe Biden as president.  We can’t trust Trump either.  He is simply unstable, even if he had any concept of what it was to be a constitutionally-elected leader of a republic (which he doesn’t).  I can only hope we get Bernie Sanders instead, or at least, the electoral college prevents this blowhard from actually attaining executive power within the federal government.  So, for you who actually support this moron, DO THE RESEARCH and find a candidate who cares about the electorate without trying to abridge the basic civil liberties or ignore common decency.  In other words, pick someone else.  If fair treatment can be denied the Muslims, it can be neglected against law-abiding citizens of any arbitrary designation, just like it was against the Japanese in 1941.  If you don’t want to end up in an internment camp yourself, don’t pave the way for others to end up there, either.

Minority (Perception) Rule

I reiterate, if the odds of being a victim in a firearm-related attack in the United States is still nearly one in a million–especially if California has some of the strictest gun laws and it was no help at all in San Bernardino–stop trying to curtail the one Constitutional article we the people have guaranteeing the state can’t dictate our ultimate rights to us.  That said, those with firearms, don’t become as base as your own detractors because other people don’t share your exact culture.  This is a melting pot of a nation, remember.  We can be careful about who we let in without emulating certain German socialist parties of the 1930s, I hope.


Context, Stat(istic)

There was another shooting in Tennessee.  Really?  Again?

Really, we need to find what is wrong with armed Americans that is not also wrong with citizens of places like Switzerland, where almost everyone has a firearm.

For context, however, the figures given comparing the United States to the United Kingdom are not a fair representation of the situation. It is actually worse in the U. K. because it has a higher rate of gun crimes per capita, despite the ban of personal possession of firearms. It has worked to establish less violence about as well as equivalent laws in Washington, D. C. and Chicago, Illinois.

Correspondingly, according to the United States government census of 2010, at, the population of adults (men and women over the age of 18 years) is more than 234 million. Naturally, this does not count the homeless or undocumented people. Even with these numbers of mass shootings—which are intolerably high, I grant you, and not including annual rates of firearm-related suicides or single-victim incidents—by this number alone, your odds of being a victim to mass shootings is still one in almost one million. With the other situations included, I would guess your odds of being a victim to any firearm violence are still less than one in 500,000.

People play lotteries with odds much worse than that and think they’ll win. So let’s not get too crazy about gun regulation closely resembling what the Third Reich did to Germany, shall we?